Tango is not only a fascinating dance but also a fascinating philosophy, culture and lifestyle. The search of tango is the search of connection, love, fellowship, unity, harmony and beauty, i.e., an idealism that is not consistent with the dehumanizing reality of the modern world. The world divides us into individuals, but tango unites us into a team, community and species. In tango we are not individualists, feminists, nationalists, Democrats, Republicans, etc., but interconnected and interdependent members of the human family. Tango calls us to tear down the walls, to build bridges, and to regain humanity through affinity, altruism, cooperation, and accommodation. It is a dance that teaches the world to love.

February 8, 2024

How to Make Your Leading Stand Out

When we lead the dance, it is important to depart from boring convention. Here are some tips to help you lead with distinction:

1. Embrace variety in your dance route: Instead of sticking to a predictable path on the dance floor, dare to explore different directions and shapes. Break away from monotony by leading your partner in unexpected move patterns and angles.

2. Incorporate backward steps: In tango, men mostly move forward and women move backward. If a man could break the pattern and dance backwards, it would be a change for both parties and make the dance stand out. (Click the link to watch on YouTube.)

3. Simplify your movements: In a world where complexity often reigns supreme, dare to stand out by embracing simplicity. Remember, less is often more when it comes to making a lasting impression.

4. Master the art of pivoting: In tango, it's customary for men to navigate the dance floor while women move around them, often resulting in men relying on static steps. However, by integrating pivots into your movements to enable agile and fluid turns toward your partner, your lead will truly shine.

5. Engage your torso and hips: Most men don't rotate their torso and hips very much when dancing. If you can engage your torso and hips more, your leading will improve. The first rule of tango is that your torso must always face your partner, no matter which side of you she is on or moving to. The competence to swivel the torso or hips helps the man to maintain good physical contact with the woman and enhances his ability to use his torso to lead her.

6. Use a variety of rhythms:Most men dance too fast and in a monotonous rhythm. If you slow down the pace and use a variety of rhythms, your dance will stand out from most people. Pause and slow motion are to dance what punctuation is to writing. They make your expression more meaningful and interesting.

7. Lead her to turn in slow motion:A slow-motion turn can better express a woman's grace. When leading movements that involve turning, such as ocho and planeo, slowing down can make the movements stand out.

8. Dance to express, not to impress: Above all, remember that tango is a dance of feelings, connection, and expression. Instead of focusing on showcasing your technical prowess, dance with genuine emotion and feeling. Let the music guide your movements, allowing its rhythm and melody to inspire your every step. By dancing to express the music and feelings, you'll create a profound and unforgettable experience for both you and your partner.

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