Tango is not only a fascinating dance, but also a fascinating idea, philosophy, culture, and lifestyle. In many ways, tango is a metaphor of life. The pursuit of tango is the pursuit of connection, love, unity, beauty, harmony and humanity, i.e., an idealism that is not consistent with the dehumanizing reality of the modern world. The world divides us as individuals, but tango unites us as a people. In tango we are not individualists, feminists, nationalists, liberals, conservatives, Democrats, Republicans, etc., but interconnected and interdependent members of the human family. Tango calls us to tear down the walls, to build bridges, and to regain humanity through connection, cooperation, reconciliation and compromise. If you share this conviction, please join the conversation and let your voice be heard, which is urgently needed and long overdue.

Together we can awaken the world.

July 14, 2011

Tango Is a Relationship

Tango is an intimate experience. It allows your partner to touch your body, enjoy your complete surrender, snug embrace, attentive leading, obedient following, loving protection, sensitive accommodation, supportive complement, and harmonious cooperation. It also allows your partner to access, listen and feel the inner voice, feelings, emotions and personality of you. In fact, your partner can learn a lot about you in the dance. How you connect, move, communicate, respond and adapt tells a lot about the somatic, psychological, ethical, artistic and aesthetic qualities in you. The way you dance unreservedly reveals who you are: refined or crude, musical or dull, affectionate or indifferent, calm or irascible, graceful or clumsy, adaptive or inflexible, yielding or controlling, cooperative or egocentric, friendly or arrogant… all are exposed in the dance.

Tango is a relationship. Just like in any relationship where the well beings of the two are mutually related and interdependent, you have to be and do your best in order to bring out the best of your partner. In tango, as in any relationship, your ego is your worst enemy. It’s the ego that makes you self-centered, arrogant, controlling, inflexible, irascible, rude, and counteractive. Tango is fully enjoyed only when the two partners act as one in complete unison and harmony. You need to let go your ego, submit yourself to your partner, listen to his/her inner voice, follow his/her intention, accommodate yourself to him/her, tacitly complement him/her to make up his/her weakness and bring out his/her strength, and let him/her feel totally comfortable and enjoyable dancing with you. If you only concentrate on yourself and neglect your partner, you will fail the dance even if you can do all the fancy steps in the world. After all, tango is a social activity that requires good manner. Learning tango is much more than learning steps. It is, among other things such as acquiring a taste, attitude and culture, learning to be one with another person. Unfortunately, this very important perspective is often being neglected.